Time For a New Water Heater?

Picture a brisk spring morning. You are wearing what you were born in, and decidedly lacking apparel. Just as you are about to step into the stream of the shower, you sense a disturbance, a creepy, awful feeling that you can’t shake. Sticking one, brave foot into the shower, your big toe recoils at the first drop of icy cold water. With your morning successfully ruined, there is only one thing that could have caused such an awful scene, a bad water heater. While it is inevitable, saying goodbye to a deceased water heater is not an easy experience. At Burch Oil, we may be known for heating oil delivery and HVAC service and installation, but did you know we are also one of the premier water heater installation contractors in Southern Maryland? In the almost 100 years, we have been in the home comfort industry, we have met some amazing clients and continue to serve their needs to this day. We are proud to be a part of the local community and value all of our customers both new and future. Let us know what we can do for you!

Water Heater Repair

While it is not common, it is possible that a water heater can be repaired when it is not functioning. A water heater is basically a big tank with a heating element in it. It really is not much more complicated than that. Of course, there are a variety of electrical and plumbing components that can cause issues with your water heater but are relatively easy repairs. At Burch Oil, we offer service for your water heater, and we sincerely hope it is something easy to fix like a heating element.  

Water Heater Replacement

Of course, if you are looking at a lake in your basement, chances are it was much more than a simple heating element. Many times, water heaters will fail catastrophically, and there is not a whole lot you can do about it. The bottom will rust out and you will be stuck with a mess, particularly if you don’t have a check valve to keep the water from dumping uncontrollably. When this happens, there is no chance for repairs; the poor water heater is simply dead. It is time for a new one.

New Water Heater

Even if your water heater hasn’t taken the great appliance truck to the sky, if your water heater is over 20 years old, it is time to consider a new unit. Newer water heaters are generally much more energy efficient and will last longer than the previous generations of appliances. Water heaters can run off  electricity, propane, or natural gas, so it is easy to choose which one will work best for your home.

Go Tankless

The new wave in water heaters is the tankless design. Tankless water heaters are convenient, energy efficient, and best of all, give you hot water on demand with no more waiting for the water to heat up. These water heaters have been revolutionary for all sorts of situations as they are extremely easy to mount just about anywhere. Unlike traditional water heaters, the tankless option is able to be mounted under a sink or on the wall, taking up very little space. They can be run with the traditional fuels or electricity that stand up water heaters use but will inevitably use less. This is due to the fact that tankless water heaters are built to offer hot water when the faucet is turned on, producing it in an instant.

Tankless Vs. Traditional Water Heaters

The difference is in the way the two designs heat water. A traditional water heater is essentially a large storage tank that ranges from 15 to about 60 gallons. Of course, there are larger tanks, but in your everyday home those are the sizes that are most common. There are water lines going into and exiting the tank, which provides the water flow to the faucet as well as the water supply to the tank itself. When the water enters the tank, it is simply at ambient temperature. Once it is in the tank the water is heated with an electric element or a burner, similar to the way a pot of boiling water is heated on the stove. As you may imagine, no matter what type of energy you are using, it can be quite difficult to heat up 60 gallons of water and keep it warm for an extended period of time. When the faucet is opened, the water is pulled from the tank and transported as hot water. Sounds fine, right? Well, depending on the distance from the water heater, there could be gallons of cold water sitting in the pipes. It could take minutes for the hot water to reach the sink that is a lot of wasted water. Traditional water heaters have become much more efficient, and some utilize a recirculation system to save energy and provide faster hot water delivery.

The tankless water heater is the solution to receiving hot water in an instant. In reality, they are very similar to the traditional water heaters in that they heat up water but lack the tank. On demand hot water heaters are mounted with a water inlet and outlet, a vent, and either wiring or fuel line connections. As the faucet is opened, the water is pulled through the unit. This activates the heating element, and it warms the water as it is being pulled to the faucet. This eliminates any period of cold water and/or waiting for hot water for an extended period of time. This not only saves water but functions as a much more convenient way to heat water. As tankless water heaters continue to evolve, they are becoming much more efficient. Time will tell as to whether they are going to take over the market.   

Let Burch Oil Install and Maintain Your Water Heater!

Regardless of whether you choose a traditional, tankless, or a combination of both, at Burch Oil we can install and maintain it for you. Don’t want to give up your water heater? Many consumers are going with the tankless design in addition to the traditional water heater. This configuration is extremely effective for providing hot water to each and every faucet in your home, even those that need a little help. No matter what your plans are for your hot water heater, Burch Oil is here for you. If you need more information about water heaters, heating oil delivery, or just about anything else for home comfort, please contact the professionals at Burch Oil, where nearly 100 years of experience tends to speak for itself. Proud to be your hometown heating oil delivery and water heater installation leader.