Water Heaters

You use your home’s water heater every day for cooking, dish washing, and baths and showers.

As you know, a water heater does not produce a continual supply of heated water: as the usage rate rises, the water becomes cooler until cold.

For both of these reasons, you need to have a properly functioning water heater that you can depend upon to meet some of your home’s essential needs. As with furnaces, that means a water heater that’s in good shape and is sized to meet your daily hot water demands.

Burch Oil is pleased to offer our customers some of the finest water heaters on the market. Rinnai, Bradford White, Bock and Aero water heaters can perfectly meet your daily hot water demands.

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  • Lightweight and compact tankless design.
  • Hot water supply is endless so you’ll never run out of hot water.
  • Much more energy efficient than most of the traditional tank-style water heaters.



Bradford White

  • Direct heat transfer with immersed elements.
  • Fully automatic controls.
  • Protective magnesium anode rod.




  • All Bock Products Meet or Exceed Current ASHRAE Standards.
  • Right choice for tight spaces, condos, cottages, etc.
  • Heat water faster with less fuel



Aero Series

  • Flexible and removable baffle for easy cleaning.
  • Compact system that can easily be installed in any size basement.
  • Capacity to heat water up to 3 and 4 times faster than other water heaters.


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