EZ Pay Budget Plan

We don’t think it’s fair for you to pay 80% of your heating costs in four or five months. EZ Payment is our monthly heating oil budget payment plan that spreads your fuel bill out over 12 months, effectively cutting your winter fuel bills in half. By allowing you to pay for your fuel over 12 months, EZ Payment makes your heating oil costs more predictable and much easier to manage. Best of all, you don’t pay any more for this. In fact, you actually save money, because we give EZ Payment customers a discount of 5¢ per gallon, which saves our typical customer $50 a year.

How Our Oil Budget Plan Works

We multiply your annual fuel use by this year’s projected price—then split that total into 12 even payments. Instead of paying as much as $500 or $600 per delivery, you’ll pay half that amount or less.

Intuitive Heating Oil Delivery

You will not use more fuel than you’d normally use. And even if it is really cold and you get more than one delivery, you still receive your regular monthly bill.

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