Heating Service

Burch Oil is here for all your heating service needs. If you live within our Southern Maryland heating service area, we can assist you with whatever comes your way in terms of heating system maintenance, repairs, and replacements year after year.

We specialize in heating system maintenance, providing you with outstanding care and customer service. Having your furnace maintained annually is critical to maintain optimum efficiency for both your wallet and your fuel consumption. We have annual tune-ups that enable your system is working at optimum levels. We want to be sure your family stays comfortable year-round, so Burch is here for you!

Services for Oil Heating Systems

Annual Tune-Ups

Keep your entire heating system operating safely and efficiently each winter with a tune-up from Burch Oil. One of our trained and certified technicians will check that system parts are operating properly and recommend upgrades necessary for safe operation and/or maximum energy savings.


Repairs & Replacements

If your oil-fired boiler or furnace needs repaired or a part replaced, call Southern Maryland’s most trusted oil service professionals. Here at Burch Oil, we take the time to make sure all of our customers are heating their homes safely, which is why we are always available if you need prompt heating system service.  If  you need a part replaced or repaired, we’ll have you up and running in no time!

For questions about any of our heating services or to schedule service for your oil heating system, contact us today.

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