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If you are searching for a licensed HVAC company in Southern Maryland to replace your home air conditioning system, look no further than Burch Oil.

Today’s cooling systems are far more efficient than those manufactured as recently as 15 years ago. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a new, high-efficiency system can reduce annual cooling costs by as much as 40% if it’s replacing a system that’s 10 years old or more. Plus, you’ll virtually eliminate air conditioning repairs. Today’s air conditioning equipment is also much more environmentally friendly because it uses a refrigerant that doesn’t harm the earth’s ozone layer.

Ready to upgrade your equipment? Learn about the A/C products we recommend below, and give us a call at 301-373-2131 or contact us here to set up your installation.

Air Conditioning Systems We Recommend

Burch Oil is proud to feature Carrier, Armstrong, American Standard, and Trane central air conditioning systems. Our highly-trained team of air conditioning technicians have installed hundreds of systems by these manufacturers and many others.

If you are ready for greater comfort and less energy use, please contact one of our cooling equipment specialists today and get a FREE estimate.


Offering economical cooling comfort, Carrier is one of the most reliable air conditioning brands with some of the most durable products on the market. Also, a Carrier A/C system gives you the energy efficiency that your family deserves.

Armstrong Air

Designed for long life, Armstrong Air air conditioning systems conserve energy, protect the environment, and provide maximum comfort while keeping sound at a minimum.

American Standard

American Standard is one of the most reliable brands of air conditioning systems. Most of its models surpass government efficiency standards, helping you save up to 50% on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Highly efficient and built to last, Trane air conditioning systems can reach up to 21 SEER, depending on your model of choice. Humidity control and incredibly quiet operation make this a brand to trust for your comfort for years to come. It’s Hard to Stop a Trane®.

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