Automatic Oil Delivery

Add convenience to your heating oil deliveries each heating season with Burch Oil’s automatic delivery option! If you live within our Southern Maryland service area and have oil fueled heat, you can take advantage of this complimentary service for your home!

The Convenience of Automatic Oil Delivery

When you’re on automatic heating oil delivery, Burch Oil monitors your fuel level for you. We keep track of your fuel use based on your past history and the weather, and we make deliveries accordingly to help avoid any risk of a run-out. You won’t use any more fuel than you normally would.

Because of our advanced tracking system, you’ll have plenty of fuel in your tank when a big storm is forecast. Our EZ Pay Budget Plan customers also benefit from a 5-cent per gallon discount.

Here are common questions we receive about automatic fuel delivery from our Southern Maryland heating oil customers:

Q: Won’t I go through more oil if I have automatic delivery?

A: No. Contrary to this common misconception about automatic deliveries, you don’t use more oil. We can only replace what you’ve already used. Think of your oil tank like a teapot—when it’s full, it’s full!

Q: Do you make deliveries when heating oil prices are highest?

A: Absolutely not! Daily changes in wholesale prices make this impossible, not to mention that we’d have to reschedule and juggle our delivery routes. Besides, if we delayed deliveries, people would run out of fuel. That’s what we’re trying to prevent!

Q: How do you know when I need more fuel?

A: Our computerized tracking system contains your fuel-use history, as well as day-to-day temperatures, which we measure by a special calculation called degree-days. Based on this information, we know when your tank is around one-quarter full, and that’s when we’ll schedule your delivery.

Ask us about automatic fuel delivery so we can monitor your fuel levels for you.

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