Keeping Your Cool This Summer

The most cliche opening we could come up with is as follows: The dog days of summer are just about upon us, and when the heat is turned up, your A/C system can feel the pressure. Ugh, that was borderline awful, even the title is so overused it is almost gag-worthy. Of course, as overused as that line is going to be this summer, it is absolutely true. But we prefer to say it a bit differently. You see, at Burch Oil we are a little bit different than your typical HVAC service company. Not only do we deliver heating oil to a wide swath of Southern Maryland, but we also install, service, and repair a wide variety of home comfort systems, and that includes your A/C system. We have been in the home comfort business for nearly 100 years, (give or take a few years) and we think that qualifies us as experienced. What, you may ask, has kept us in the game for so long? Loyal customers,and at this point we have been serving some families for multiple generations, and we have no plans for slowing down.

HVAC Installation (Do It Now)  

Most of us at this point have an air conditioning system in our homes. What used to be a luxury 40 years ago has turned into a necessity for many of us. If you don’t have an air conditioner, what are you waiting for? It is now easier than ever to reap the benefits of an air conditioning system. At Burch Oil, we are one of the longest running installers of A/C systems in the area, and we know how to make it worth your time. Those that choose not to have an air conditioning system may have many reasons, but mainly it comes down to the question of cost. A new HVAC system can be quite expensive and can cost extra energy to run. New air conditioners, while still pretty expensive to install, are exponentially more energy efficient than they were even 15 years ago. The upgrade in the comfort of your home is well worth the extra cost for installation, and you will wonder why you have never had a system installed long ago.

HVAC Upgrade

While you are probably one of the homeowners who have an air conditioning system, it is probably time for an upgrade. As we mentioned before, our current offering of HVAC equipment has evolved from an energy guzzling, ear splittingly loud system into a quiet, energy efficient dream. You probably know from looking at your energy bill that you can do better. At Burch Oil, we offer some of the finest air conditioning systems on the market, and we do all of the installation ourselves. We are not one of these places that will sell you a system and then contract out the installation. We truly do it all.

HVAC Service

Older air conditioners, while they may appear to be functioning correctly, can be running extremely inefficiently while producing tolerable results. It is a good idea to have a yearly checkup to maximize efficiency. Generally, the HVAC system is neglected until there is a problem and with preventative maintenance, issues can be caught before they appear. This will not only save you money in the long run but prevent an unfortunate breakdown later on.

What About A Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are incredible for those who want their heating and cooling all in one package. The beauty of a heat pump is in its simplicity. A heat pump blows hot air when called for and cold air in the summer, all in one convenient system. Not only are they extremely cost effective to run, they are a comfortable way to provide cooling to different parts of the home. These systems are referred to as ductless cooling systems and work well in spaces that require individual cooling and heating.

Ready To Get Started? Burch Oil Has The Hottest Deals This Summer!

Sorry about the headline again, that was a bad one. While our penchant for cliches is strong, our services are far from ordinary. It is no secret that Burch Oil is the premier HVAC installation and service in the Southern Maryland region. So if it is time to upgrade, install, or repair your air conditioning system there is only one call you need to make. When the heat is on, trust Burch Oil HVAC services to cool you off. Sorry we couldn’t resist.