Saving Money On Heating During the Winter Season

With the approaching winter months, you may be excited for snow and cold mornings while you’re inside staying safe and warm. Winter months are rich with nostalgic thoughts of hot chocolate, cozy nights next to the fireplace, and snowmen, but they also might make you think of skyrocketing utility bills that reflect your desire to keep your home at a comfortable temperature to battle the freezing Maryland temperatures. There are some effective and efficient ideas to keep your home nice and warm while keeping your heating bill down, like furnace repairs and replacements, upgrading your equipment, and combining proper equipment with upgraded maintenance. If you’re trying to save money in every corner, however, here are some tips you can follow to reduce your heating bill and stay warm while the winter winds blow.

Seal Cracks, Openings, or Gaps in Your Home

This is also a great habit to practice during the summer months as well, as it helps to trap and maintain the preferred temperature in your house. Seal your chimney flue while it is not in use, as it allows for large quantities of warm air to leave your house and invites cold air in. Gaps under your door allow for warm air to leak out, leaving you to question the efficiency of your furnace while you turn up the thermostat. This is not only frustrating to have to deal with, but it can be an expensive and passive way to deal with a bigger problem that produces long-term effects. Going to your local hardware store, grabbing caulk, and sealing cracks, gaps, or holes in your house will produce tremendous benefits that will help to lower your monthly cost of heating.

Add Insulation to Your House

Adding insulation to your house can oftentimes be overlooked because people just don’t think of making this change! Adding insulation in your basement and other parts of your house is proficient in keeping the hot air in and the cold air out, saving you money and time spent worrying about how to winter-proof your house. Fiberglass basement insulation is cheap and can be installed by hand in one day. Wet cellulose wall insulation fills cracks, has a higher fire resistance, and is eco-friendly. It doesn’t, however, seal as well as spray foam open cell insulation. Spray foam open cell insulation can be sprayed to fit any space, expanding to 100 times its original size, making it cost-effective. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is the best option for tightly sealing gaps, preventing airflow, and providing a vapor barrier. Further, it is highly mold resistant.

Change Your Furnace Filters

Clean furnace filters not only help you save money, but they also improve the air quality in your home, reducing the air pollution you breathe in. Over time, your air filter collects dust and pet dander that can build up, making your furnace work harder to make up for the decrease in airflow. This means that your furnace needs more energy to operate, leading to a jump in your heating cost. Your furnace filter should be changed at least every three months, so when you need a furnace tune-up, call Burch Oil!

Commit to Small Actions With Big Outcomes

There’s nothing wrong with starting small when trying to save money — every little bit counts, and every little bit adds up. Some small changes you can make include setting your thermostat as low as you can while staying comfortably warm. Further, wearing warm clothes, long pants and long sleeves while indoors can significantly cut the amount of money you’re spending on heating. If you’re going on a holiday vacation, then set your thermostat lower than you normally would while you’re gone. When you come home, it’s not terribly cold, but you’re not wasting money heating a home that no one is currently living in. You could also turn the heating down while you’re sleeping and wrapped up in blankets. 

You should be able to rely on your heating and cooling system without being worried about expensive utility bills. One of the best ways to avoid wasting extra energy and money on a furnace or air conditioner is to schedule regular tune-ups. If you need your heating system repaired or replaced, then call Burch Oil for quality customer service and expertise you can trust.