5 Benefits Heating Oil Can Provide To You

In our modern age, with constant access to a variety of utilities and amenities, we have created a number of ways in which you can heat your home. There are furnaces, boilers, steam systems, heat pumps, wood-fire stoves, even portable heaters that folks use to circulate heat through your home. Regardless of the heating method, all of these require some sort of fuel, whether that’s gas or electricity or even steam power.

But there is one fuel method and fuel service that seems to be more beneficial than all the others, and that is oil heating combined with reliable heating oil delivery services. While oil heating might bring up an image of someone stumbling through a log cabin with an oil lamp in the 1700s, oil heating is actually an incredibly useful method to heat your home, even still in this modern era. That’s why Burch Oil is proud to provide heating oil delivery and heating oil tank installation and servicing all over the Southern Maryland area — we understand how useful it is, and we want to share this incredible heating method with everyone we can. Keep reading to learn more about the great benefits of using heating oil and heating oil delivery, and how Burch Oil can provide those benefits to you.

Fits In Your Budget

As much as there are other benefits you might be looking for in your heating system, the cost will usually be the first and main thing you are looking at. The prices of heating oil and heating oil delivery are some of the lowest we have seen in years, and seem to only be getting lower. And with the bulk purchasing and storage involved in using heating oil and storing it in a heating oil tank, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run if you switch to heating oil. Especially when you use the affordable and effective heating oil delivery services that we offer at Burch Oil.


Heating oil is also an incredibly efficient fuel method with which to heat your home, especially when you can take advantage of a reliable heating oil delivery service. The heating oil most commonly used for heating homes in the U.S. is “No. 2 heating oil,” which puts out more heat per energy units (BTU’s) than a lot of other fuel types. Oil burners also provide extremely high-temperature flames, which translates to quicker and more efficient heat transfer into your home and using less fuel to do so. If you combine your heating oil storage with a high-efficiency furnace or boiler, and a reliable heating oil delivery service, your home’s system will be incredibly cost-effective and efficient.

Accessibility and Reliability

When you rely on heating oil as the fuel to heat your home, as well as heating oil delivery services, you also provide accessibility and reliability to your home’s heating system. Your heating oil tanks will be somewhere on your property, which means that you get to have full control and access to your fuel supply, instead of relying on transfer lines and a fuel source that is much farther away and out of your control. With local oil heat providers like Burch Oil, you can also schedule automatic heating oil deliveries so that you never have to worry about running out. If there is any problem, you can literally check out the fuel source yourself, and if you need service, you can always call Burch Oil and have a heating oil specialist come out to your property ASAP to fix it.

It’s Low-Risk

While the idea of a tank full of oil sitting next to your home might sound risky in principle, it’s actually an incredibly safe and low-risk fuel method of heating your home. The oil used is a non-explosive fuel and it won’t burn unless it is preheated to 140 degrees, so it’s incredibly unlikely to combust in any destructive way. Any malfunctions or potential issues are hard to miss because your tank and system will produce clear warning signs like odors, soot, or smoke. Heating oil tanks are built to last and are easily serviceable if you call the right heating oil specialists. Luckily Burch Oil has the right heating oil specialists, and the tanks that we install at Burch Oil are incredibly high quality, and combined with reliable heating oil delivery by our heating oil experts, you never have to be too concerned.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being affordable, efficient, reliable, and safe, heating oil also leaves a very minimal imprint on the environment.  The No. 2 heating oil commonly used across the States is non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no carcinogens. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, reported that oil burners are one of the cleanest combustion sources, and newer oil burner models tout near-zero-emissions or combustible discharge.

Heating Oil with Burch Oil

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you can see how many different reasons there are to use heating oil to heat your home. It’s great for your budget, reliable and easily serviceable, it’s low-risk for you and the environment, and it’s incredibly efficient. If you combine that with a reliable and dedicated heating oil delivery service provider, like Burch Oil, you can maximize the effectiveness of your home heating system and your hard-earned dollars.

In addition to professional HVAC and home appliance services, Burch Oil has been proudly providing heating oil delivery and servicing to Southern Maryland the surrounding areas for almost 100 years. We are one of the most trusted heating oil professionals and heating oil delivery services in the area because we have an incredible team with dedication and experience, and we have been doing this for a very long time. Give us a call today and see how Burch Oil can start providing for you! Call now.