A Backup Generator Will Get You through the Storm

Thunderstorms, high winds, and the power outages that come with them are unpredictable and inevitable during summer storm season in Maryland. Don’t get left in the dark when the power goes out! Keep your home and your family safe with a whole-house backup generator.

No Power? No Problem!

When the power suddenly goes out for an extended period, the top concern is spoiling food, indoor comfort, and essential electronics. A propane backup generator has the capacity to automatically turn on within moments of an outage, keeping appliances like the refrigerator light fixtures running so that your daily routine can continue uninterrupted.

Comfort You Can Count On

While other seasons have heavy rain and winds that can be damaging, extreme cold and winter storms can also cause power outages that are more than just an inconvenience. A backup generator will give your home the power it needs to keep your heating system running through freezing temperatures so that your family can stay safe and warm.

Prepare Now to Save Later

Don’t wait until after a damaging storm to call a licensed professional. With an emergency generator in place, you’ll be the one on your street with the lights on while the less prepared home owner wishes they had installed a backup generator. Your local energy experts will provide the right generator for your home with routine maintenance and equipment coverage that will keep your system running.

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