Winter Hacks For Your Car

Swirls of snow out on the roads are common this time of year. It can be downright nasty in Southern Maryland in the winter. Every year, it seems like we hear about someone in the more rural part of the state getting trapped in a snow drift and losing their way, only to be found the following spring once the snow melts. Ok so maybe it is not that dramatic, not many people are lost in the snow in this day and age, or lost for a whole few months, but it does pay to be prepared. At Burchoil, we want to help you stay warm and safe all winter, not only on the road but in your own home as well. You see, Burchoil is Southern Maryland’s number one heating oil delivery service and that matters when your trying to stay home in the dead of winter. We have the track record of being the most reliable heating oil delivery service in the area.

Staying Safe in the Winter

The notoriously tough Maryland Winters means that you should definitely have a special winter survival kit in your car. Not to say that you will ever need it but it can make getting stuck in the snow a lot more manageable. Like we said before, in this day and age it is rare that people are stuck more than a day or two. But it does happen, and having a winter survival kit can mean the difference between being rescued and not making it out.    

Get Your Gear

In order to prepare for a winter survival situation you need to assume that you will be out of cell phone range and that you will need to wait out the storm. Chances are, unless it is a major blizzard, you will be rescued in a fairly short period of time. However, weather can be unpredictable and leave you stranded for a few days. Below is a list of items that you should keep in your car during the winter just in case you become stuck and have to spend some time in your car.

  1. Shovel – A shovel is critical in the winter, especially if you get stuck. Digging may be the only way to free your vehicle from a tough spot. Plus if you find a really great sledding hill a shovel can double as a sweet sled.     
  2. Kitty Litter – You might think that sounds crazy but kitty litter can get you out of a lot of tight spots when in the snow. Have you ever gotten stuck in a parking lot? Well, a handful of kitty litter can sometimes provide enough traction to get your car moving again.
  3. Water – Keeping water in your car sounds like a great idea until it freezes. In subzero weather it only takes a few hours to freeze a bottle of water. Most bottles will crack and split in cold weather making a mess when the water melts. You are better off keeping a cup to melt snow in than keeping large quantities of water.
  4. Candles – You can get candles at pretty much any store but just try and find some that will burn for a long time. Heck you could hit up that candle store in the mall and be good for a few weeks. Candles can provide a small amount of warmth, heat up cans, and provide light. All good things when you are stuck in your car for hours on end.
  5. Matches or a Good Lighter – Fire is the great equalizer. Mankind has mastered the art of making fire, and they say dolphins are so smart. Anyway, fire can do much more than provide warmth, it can keep morale up and provide a visible marker of where you are located.
  6. Food – If you have children, chances are you have all kinds of food inadvertently stashed under your back seats. Unfortunately this will not be enough to sustain you until you are found and you probably would not be able to get the gummy bear out of the carpet anyway. Stash some granola bars or cereal in an airtight plastic tote. Think high calorie food that is good in survival situations, either that or tastes good when you are stuck in traffic.                        

At Burchoil we want to help you stay safe this winter with our winter hacks for your car. Please join us next time when we dig deeper into winter survival. In the meantime, if you are ready to receive your next shipment of heating oil and you do not use Burchoil, it is time to make the switch. The Birchoil philosophy is to help our customers money while providing them with reliable service. We are proud to offer our EZ Pay Program that can cut your winter fuel bills in half. Please contact us today for more info.

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