The Usage of Heating Oil Tanks

A heating oil tank sounds like a thing of the past, but in reality, it is a common and useful heating appliance that is still used all across the world. Especially popular in the southern Maryland area, these tanks are used to heat homes by storing fuel oil in a tank near the house, either above-ground or using newer models that go underground. Burch Oil has been proudly supporting, servicing, installing, and refilling heating oil tanks in the St. Mary, Charles, and Calvert counties for almost 100 years. Keep reading below to learn more about how heating oil tanks are used and how Burch Oil has been a part of that process for the past four generations.

Heating Oil

Heating oil tanks use fuel oil similar to a furnace or a boiler to provide heat to your home. The oil itself is very similar chemically to diesel fuel that you might find in a truck; however, there are usually higher amounts of sulfur in heating oil. In the U.S., heating oil is known as “No. 2 heating oil” to differentiate it from the other common oils used, but it is used widely throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

The oil is usually delivered by tank truck to residential, municipal, and commercial tanks for building heating, and it is usually cheaper and more clean-burning than average fuel. At Burch Oil, we offer high-quality tank truck delivery service to any location required in the southern Maryland area, and we treat every drop of oil onsite with Ultra Guard™, a mixture of additives that prevents build up of sludge in fuel lines and nozzles.

Heating Oil Tanks

The way our homes can be consistently heated is by storing this heating oil in some form of a storage tank. These are made out of either steel, fiberglass, or a combination of both, and located in basements, underground, or directly outside of the relevant building. Some can even be stored underground, but that is a bit more of an expensive option. Tanks can vary widely in size and carrying capacity too, ranging from smaller models that hold about 160 gallons, to massive underground tanks that can hold 1000 gallons of fuel. 

Indoor above-ground tanks are usually kept in basements, utility rooms, or adjacent garages, and their capacity and capabilities can vary depending on the location and heating needs. Outdoor above-ground tanks are usually installed near the rear or side of the structure and are more common in rural areas because of a lack of access to municipal utility lines. Underground tanks are understandably underground, with underground pipes connecting to fill pipes that come above the surface.

Fuel for Thought

There are a few safety and environmental concerns that come with owning your own heating oil tank. Using a heating oil tank to heat your home requires on-site refills by professional heating oil suppliers, like Burch Oil. But that means poor weather, an inaccessible fill pipe, or even just forgetting to schedule a refill can mean you will be unable to heat your house

Fuel oil can also be contaminated by substances introduced during the filling process, or rust stuck to the inside of the tank. Luckily, our crews and methods at Burch Oil take extra care and precaution when we complete a refill or installation to prevent any contamination. Bigger issues can arise though if your tank leaks or spills, as this can be a severe environmental hazard that can require massive and costly clean up procedures or can even contaminate and present health hazards to you and your family. Before installing an oil-burning heating tank, keep these considerations in mind. 

Heating Oil Tanks with Burch Oil

Heating Oil Tanks are a specific method of heating your home, so understanding how they are used is an important step you need to take if you want one. Figuring out the right type, cost level, risk level, and upkeep requirements are all critical before you install.

Installation of any type of heating oil tank is just another service that Burch Oil can provide to southern Maryland. We can install state-of-the-art indoor models, provide double-walled above ground units that can brave the elements outside, or even unearth and replace underground tanks. We also provide all forms of heating oil delivery services, whether that’s commercial, residential, or even scheduled fuel oil delivery. Give us a call today, and schedule your free estimate now.