Summer Heat

With the weather heating up, the last thing you are probably thinking about is your heating system. At Burch Oil, we are Southern Maryland’s most trusted heating oil delivery, HVAC service and installation, and heating equipment service professionals. This means that when we are not out there fixing a neglected system, delivering heating oil, or installing an air conditioner, we still think about heating constantly, even in the summer. We believe that summer is the best time to think about your heater. Why, you may ask? Because generally, homeowners do not give their heater a second thought until it is 20 degrees in their home and the heater is not working. This year is the year to be proactive.

Prevention is the Key

Any homeowner worth his mortgage will tell you that no matter what is going to break in the home, it will inevitably do it at the worst possible time. How many times have you heard about some poor soul that went on a dream vacation only to come home to a flooded house due to a broken pipe? Okay, so mainly those scenarios are portrayed on insurance commercials. While we all need insurance, we do not need to worry incessantly about our home being destroyed by a failed appliance. Murphy’s Law dictates that your appliances will fail at the worst possible time. Think refrigerator failing the day before Thanksgiving when you are cooking dinner. At Burch Oil, we offer service plans that cover your HVAC system, regardless of whether you are running heating oil, propane, or an electric furnace; we want to keep yours running when you need it the most.

In the heavy equipment industry, the winter is a time for giving the equipment the attention that it needs. Mechanics generally tear apart machines that have been working hard all year. They generally service and rebuild the parts that traditionally wear out or break with greater frequency. At Burch Oil, we recommend following the same type of routine; after all, your home heating system might not be a D9 Cat dozer, but it is a mechanical marvel on a smaller scale. Burch Oil offers both air conditioning and heating oil service plans to keep your system running at peak condition year round. The ideal time to service your heating system is in the blistering heat of summer; this way, if any parts need to be replaced, you and your family are not suffering through a night without heat. Summer heating system maintenance also provides peace of mind that your furnace is going to work properly when you turn that thermostat to “heat” in late September.

Summer Is The Perfect Time to Upgrade

If you are thinking about upgrading your furnace or boiler, the perfect time is now. Just like regular service, the best time to upgrade your heating infrastructure is in the summer. Not only are the deals better on buying a new heating system, but there is little chance that you are going to freeze through the night when the temperatures are hovering around 90 during the day. We offer a wide variety of installation options no matter what type of energy you are using to heat your home. From heat pumps, furnaces, or boilers, we are able to install them all in a timely matter.

Upgrade Your Heating Oil Tank

Throughout the years your heating oil tank has probably taken some abuse. Through the years we have seen the technology change from old steel oil tanks that were basically oil drums to the current crop of sealed convenient tanks that are much safer. It is advised that you consider replacing your heating oil tank if it is over 20 years old. Old oil tanks can be the cause of leaks and unsafe conditions, particularly if they are indoors.

Let’s Get Started!

Regardless of what you need for your heating system, give it some thought this summer. Burch Oil is your number one resource for repair, replacement, and service of your HVAC and heating oil powered system. This summer when you are sitting on your patio with a glass of lemonade in the sun, consider giving your heating system a tune up or an upgrade. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today.