Get Your HVAC System Ready for Spring

We are slowly starting to thaw around the edges here in Southern Maryland and we are sitting on the cusp of full blown spring weather. (Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour this weekend!) The time change means it is time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, change the sheets on your guest bed, and make sure your HVAC system is ready for summer. That’s right, it’s coming fast and before you know it you will be saying, “Hot enough for ya?” while you sweat profusely in the mid-August heat. If you don’t consider an HVAC service now, the chances of a breakdown at the least opportune time are much greater. While there is no guarantee that your HVAC system will not break down in the middle of a heat wave, seasonal maintenance of your A/C system is critical to its longevity. The solution? Burchoil HVAC service.    

Routine Maintenance

Your heater has probably been blistering along this winter trying to keep up with these polar apex disaster storms that keep floating in from the west. (We’re looking at you California.) This winter your heater may have gotten more of a workout than it usually does, and it is probably time for some maintenance. At Burch Oil, we are in the business of keeping your home comfortable and that means starting with regular maintenance.

The Filter

At least once a year, your HVAC system will need a comprehensive inspection to make sure that everything is working correctly. The most basic service item, and some would argue the most important, is the filter. The filter on your furnace and air conditioner (or heat pump) provides your system with clean air it will then distribute throughout your home. Filters these days are so good that they can trap tiny allergens like pollen and dust. Filters should be changed at least once every three months for normal use. If you have pets or live in a high dust area, you will want to change your filter even more often. The filter is extremely important and when dirt and other junk builds up, it causes the fan to struggle more than it should to get air moving. When an electrical fan is stressed it causes it to work harder which will burn up a fan motor in no time. Electrical components are designed to operate at a certain load and anything beyond that will induce excessive wear.

Tune Up

Your HVAC system is a complex combination of electrical and mechanical parts that must be inspected and adjusted at regular intervals. Many times the tune-up is a general cleaning that makes everything run smoother. When Burch Oil performs a tune-up, we go over a list of no less than 15 items that will ensure that your cooling system is ready to work in the extreme summer heat.    


Lubricate all moving parts: blower motor and condenser fan, (if necessary).

Check suction line temperature and pressure.

Check temperature drop between return and supply air.

Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.

Clean outdoor/indoor condenser coil.

Check blower motor and belt, (if applicable).

Check blower speed.

Inspect all controls for proper operation.

Check voltage and amperage in all motors.

Check for worn bearings in all motors.

Inspect operation and condition of compressor contacts.

Inspect start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks.

Tighten and inspect all wires and connections.

Inspect and adjust thermostat/mercury bulb.

Inform customer of equipment condition.

Recommend necessary repairs.


Burch Oil Gold Cooling Plan

The easiest way to take the best care of your air conditioning system is to sign up for our Gold Cooling Plan. This exceptional value will ensure that you are never left out in the cold.. er… heat, if your A/C or heat pump decides to quit. Pretty much everything is covered that could go wrong with your system in a given year. We perform an annual tune up and give our Gold clients priority service when a breakdown does occur, (available only at designated days/times.) So whether you just need a cooling system tune-up or want our exclusive Gold service plan, contact us today and be ready for the heat of summer.