An Intimate Look at Home Heating Oil

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Everywhere you turn, people are talking about saving the planet. From recycling your cans and bottles to using recycled materials to build your home, everyone is focused on reducing their carbon footprint. Enter heating oil, one of the cleanest sources of fuel for heating homes and businesses. In fact, newer home heating oil systems are so efficient that they produce almost zero emissions, while burning even more efficiently than previously.

Burch Oil has been serving Southern Maryland with home heating oil delivery for over 90 years. As a family-owned heating oil company, we take pride in helping our customers by providing the heating oil they need to heat their homes and businesses. We offer a price protection program to help you save on each heating oil delivery. Below, we’ll take an intimate look at heating oil itself. Contact us today to get started!


Heating oil is a petroleum product made from crude oil. Oil itself is basically the remains of dead plants and animals that have lain in the earth for millions of years. They have been buried by tons of sediment that has put pressure on the remains. This transformed them into hydrocarbons that are liquid. Although crude oil is a naturally-made product, it is considered a nonrenewable resource because we use it faster than it can be made.

There is very little difference between heating oil and diesel fuel. Both are refined petroleum products. Until recently, diesel fuel used for machinery and equipment was required to contain a lower sulphur content (usually 15 ppm sulphur content); whereas, heating oil was only required to be below 500 ppm sulphur. However, as of July 2019 both must be Ultra Low Sulphur with a rating of 15 ppm or less. The tax rate is different as well, heating oil having less taxes on it than diesel fuel.

What is Home Heating Oil?

Home heating oil is used primarily for heating homes and businesses. They are used for boilers, furnaces, and water heaters. Also, heating oil is more predominant in the Northeast region of the United States, where millions of homes rely on it during the winter for heat, which is why Burch Oil is committed to providing effected heating oil delivery services all over Southern Maryland. Because of the low sulphur requirements of heating oil, it is also very clean. This reduces the wear and tear on your heating unit and reduces the number of cleanings and maintenance required as well.

Heating oil burns hotter than natural gas, which means it can heat your home or business at an incredibly quick rate. Because of this fact, less heating oil is required over the winter to heat your home or business, which results in less heating oil deliveries needed, and less money you need to spend overall. In fact, heating oil is cheaper today than it was 20 years ago because of the increase in technology that has allowed for more fuel efficiencies while burning. Thus, homes with heating oil spend a lot less than other homes or businesses do using a different petroleum-based heating product, and with Burch Oil’s price protection program, you can save even more! Combine that with professional heating oil delivery services, and it’s pretty hard to find a reason why not to use it.


Burch Oil is a locally-owned heating oil delivery company that offers effective heating oil price protection program to insulate you from oil market price changes. You’ll save money over the long run and be better able to accurately predict your heating bill, as well as rely on consistent heating oil deliveries for your home. Call us today to get started!